The Great Maestro of the Sistine Chapel

In 1952 he became Vice Master with Lorenzo Perosi and in 1956 Perpetual Maestro and Director

Domenico Bartolucci reformed and revived the Sistine Chapel Choir as we now know it today through a major project approved by St. John XXIII: a specific seat, a defined body of adult singers, and a school of child singers.

For almost fifty years he oversaw the music of the solemn papal liturgies, contributing to their splendor and sacredness.

Furthermore, he emphatically promoted the Sistine Chapel Choir’s concert activities, an effective method of evangelization, with memorable tours and hundreds of concerts that brought the inestimable musical tradition of the Catholic Church to the most prestigious venues in Italy and the world. This tradition was unanimously appreciated by audiences and critics alike.

Maestro Bartolucci also dedicated himself to teaching at the Santa Cecilia Conservatory and at the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music.

In 1965 he was named an Academic of Santa Cecilia and, with this prestigious institution, was instrumentally involved in important concerts in the Vatican as well.

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